Thursday, June 9, 2016

LETO A19 6W LED Dimmable Filament Edison Style Light Bulb

I have been hearing a lot about the Edison Style light bulbs recently and when I was given the chance to try one out I jumped at it. I love the look of this bulb and it puts off a really great amount of light. I put mine in the light above my kitchen table since we spend a good amount of time setting there, not only eating but playing cards, chit chatting and other reasons as well. I was surprised at how much light this 6 watt bulb put out. It is not harsh lighting either like some light bulbs. My kitchen light is on a lot, most of the day and evening. The specs say it will last 27000 hours at 3 hours per day. Not sure how long it is going to last in my house since it is on a lot more then 3 hours.  I will have to wait to decide on buying more with how long it lasts. At almost $12 per bulb I need to really know to justify to myself if these are worth buying more or. But that remains to be seen.  They really are nice bulbs, they do not get hot like regular light bulbs, they use less energy also. So far the light has been in use about a week now and I have had no problems with it..

I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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