Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Review: Thirty Scary Tales (Illustrated): Horror Stories (Kindle Edition) By Rayne Hall

Rayne Hall does it again. I really like her writing style, her imagination, and the way she drags you into her stories. Thirty Scary Tales is not a horror book with blood and guts its more a thriller. I have read a couple of Rayne's books and this one to me is better then her others. At the end of each story she has a short description of how she came up with the story. Some of the stories in this book are a different twist to some popular fairy tales.
My favorite story in the book was: By your own free will. She says it is a twist on the Little Mermaid story. In the story Marian has an IQ of 163 and is in Love with a co-worker Josh who doesn't seem to notice her at all. Marian visits a witch in order to get a love potion. The witch tells he she doesn't do love potions but if she would trade 20 of her IQ points she would do an allure potion which would not take Josh's free will away from him. Marian agrees. Josh notices her but it's not enough for Marian so she visits the witch again, who tells her she will do the Allure potion again for 20 more IQ points, Marian agrees. This goes on until Marian is no better then an idiot, who still doesn't have her man.
This is a really good book. I am so glad I was given the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I wouldn't let small children read it though. The stories are really kind of creepy and things nightmares are made of. #raynehall

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