Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Review: River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer Review

I received the River Kitchen Digital Meat Thermometer Review for an honest review. I love the fact that it is 8 inches long, I have a 4 inch one and well sometimes the steam can take off a layer of skin, with this one it's long enough you don't have to get quite a close, but yet it will be perfect to get deep enough in a large ham or whatever. I used it on a baked chicken and it done great. It is digital which I also like and the display isn't too tiny to see. It has a case to stick the probe in for storage. Not only is is good for cooking but it has a huge temperature range it goes from -58 to 572 fahrenheit. The Thermometer seems gauge the temperature correctly or close enough my chicken was cooked perfectly. I washed it up with a wet paper towel. Check it out on Amazon website

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