Monday, March 30, 2015

My Review: Radha Beauty Intensive Eye Gel

I was given the Radha Beauty Intensive Eye Gel to try and to give an honest review.
 I personally really like this Eye Gel. I have tried other brands and either was not satisfied with their results or was allergic to them and my eyes were really red and swollen. I have very sensitive skin  With the Radha Beauty eye gel I have had no bad reaction to, It only takes a tiny drop to do the whole eye. I can see results in just a few minutes with this. It has a very faint cucumber smell, and feels cool when you put it on. It has a creamy texture instead of jelly. It's not greasy at all.  It comes in a pump style bottle with a push on pull off lid, which is very nice for putting it into my make up bag so I can take it with me, when going out of town. It is a small bottle but with only need a drop at a time it should last a very long time. 
  I really like that it is 99% natural and 75% organic, it is not tested on animals, and I can say all of the ingredint names,  plant stem cells, matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, vitamin E, aloe, and MSM, and is safe for all skin types.
  Not only is this and eye cream but it says you can use it all over your face to help reduce fine lines and to give your skin a healthy youthful glow. 
  The company also offers a 180 day money back guarantee.  No questions asked and you get to keep the product. 

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