Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Review: Magnetic Baby Safety Lock for Cabinets and Drawers by Purplesafety

Magnetic Baby Safety Lock for Cabinets and Drawers  #purplesafety
These things are Amazing!! So easy to install and so easy to use. They have a sticky back so there is no need for screws or nails just stick them on. There is what they call a magnetic key which opens all the locks. The package comes with 4 locks, 1 key, and one key pad. You place the key pad in an out of the way spot and the magnetic key sticks to the key pad so you don't loose the key. When you hold the key up to your cabinet door it unlocks the lock, instead of the old fashioned ones where you have to stick your finger in between the cabinet and the door and pinch your fingers to push down on the locking device. There is a super short, but very informative video on youtube:, The video shows you exactly how to install the locks. There is also a on and off switch to the locks, Great for Grand Parents homes who do not need the cabinets locked all of the time. There is also a 100% money back guarantee.  I was given these locks in exchange for my honest review.

You can find them on Amazon here

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