Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Review: Linkon LINKON Power Stick

I received my Linkon Lipstick case sized phone charger extremely quickly, it was package safely and securely. It comes with the charger, reversable cable, extra ends to fit iphones, a nice little pull string bag to keep it safe and together in your bag when traveling.  It is about 1x1x3 inches in size with a 12 inch cable. It's very light weight for carrying in a purse or pocket even.
 The cord is a USB cord and plugs into to either your computer, or any charger that takes a USB cable, car or wall. It took a few hours to build up to a full charge. It has an easy to read LED digital disply to let you know how charged it is. The cool part about the LED display is you can see that it is charging or if you have your phone hooked to it you can watch it discharge by the numbers displayed.
  I have a Samsung S4 phone that was on 32% charge, in just a few minutes it was fully charged. I also charged my Samsung digital camera. Today I forgot my spare batteries but I didn't forget the Linkon charger. It worked great on my camera. While it was still charging I was taking pictures.
  The Linkon power stick comes in 4 colors, blue, white, green, and pink. I have the blue one. It is a bright pretty blue. The case is aluminum alloy so should be strong and sturdy. The it has Samsung grade A cells and stat of the art microchips.
   It says it is compatible with iPhone 4S,5S,5C, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3,S4, Note 2, 3, Blackberry Z10, LG Nexus 4,5,7, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Nokia N9,lumia, Motorola, Tablet.  It also plugs into my RCA tablet as well as my Samsung camera. 
  This is very easy to use just take it out of the box plug the smaller end into the power stick and the USB end into the computers USB port or into the end of the charger. It does not get hot while charging. 
  When ready to charge your phone just plug the USB end into the power stick and the other end into your phone. If using an iphone attach the appropriate extra end onto the smaller end of the cable and you are good to go. You can still use your phone while it is charging.
  It's on sale right now on Amazon for 24.95 from 49.95 and eligable for Prime free shipping. 

Get yours here from Amazon

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