Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Review: K2R-803 Portable Charger with flashlight

I was chosen to use and review the K2R-803 Portable Charger with flashlight for my honest review.
 The K2R-803 Portable Charger with flashlight so far is amazing, I do have other portable chargers, but this one allows you to charge not 1 but 2 devices at once and has a flashlight. It comes in a nice cardboard box that everything fits in nicely , it has a micro usb cord, a iphone cord, and the charger itself. It is about 2x2x1 , has 4 small blue lights on  the back to tell you how much charge you have, it is fully charged when all 4 are lit. The cord itself has a red light on the micro usb end when it is either charging your device or the charger itself. It turns blue when is not plugged in to anything, and flashes blue/red when your device is charged.  You can still use your device while it is charging.  And if you have a need for it the cable is also a data cable so you won't need to drag another cable along also.
 The flashlight has 2 LED bulbs and is really quite bright. Would be great if you had a power outage or dropped your keys or if you were out camping or just about any dark situation.
 The charger comes with a 1 year warranty but if you register it with i 28 days it will extend your warranty to 3 years, and you get a coupon for a single use 20% any of their products, and 50% off any new releases.
  My husband and I do a lot of day and weekend traveling plus our yearly vacations, this will be great for tossing in our bag and not having to worry about finding some place to charge our phones, cameras, tablets. The USB end can plug into any USB charger, car, electrical, or computer.
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  1. looks like it would be good for preparedness these days :D