Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Review: Bear Claw - Jaosh set of (2) Meat Claws

These seem to be very strong and durable. I made a chicken in the crockpot, and used these to lift it out, they worked great no bending or slipping.  After getting the chicken out of the crockpot they made short work of shredding the chicken. I put it on a large baking sheet and started ripping and tearing. It was actually easy to pick the bones out afterwards too. I didn't want my chicken to fine and it was great to be able to have full control. Pulled Pork is next on the menu.  They came in a small cardboard box which is great to keep them stored in, in my pantry so I am not having to search through drawers to find both. They were easy to clean up with some hot soapy water but could also go in a dishwasher. The hand grips are nice, not to big and not to small, the outer side is smooth the inner side where your fingers are is kind of rough so to speak in order to help you hold on even after your fingers get greasy and slippery from the meat. I also think these would be great for using like a salad tong. I was given these at a huge discount or my honest review, and honestly I would of paid full price, now that I have had a chance to try them.

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